Thing #23: Web 2.0 Course Reflections

K12Learning2.0 :  Embarking Upon a Quest…

Photo by Prescott

I just completed a fascinating, envigorating, and enlightening online course, where I had the opportunity to experiment, collaborate, and explore Web 2.0 tools.  k12Learning2.0 afforded me an opportunity to expand my skill-set, round out my knowledge, all within a safe playground.

Most Valuable Knowledge Gained:

I learned that the more I know, the more I don’t know.  With every new web tool, I am led to another path for exploration.  I look forward to continuing this quest on my own.  To really learn each new tool, you have to try it in an authentic way and take some risks.

RSS Rocks!  My discovery of how RSS works for me has been an incredible timesaver, and it has also been a way to think more creatively about podcasting, gathering news, and broadcasting classroom projects.  Now, I just need to take more time to keep up with all the wonderful feeds out there!

Everything is one degree Google:  How did I not know the power of Google before?  Before this course, I mostly used google for searches, scholarly information, and Google Earth.  Now I am gathering RSS feeds, sharing documents, broadcasting pages, and even creating my own personalized news feeds.  This is a tool that I plan on mining more in the future. 

The Road Ahead…

As a life-long learner, I am jazzed by this new learning experience.  I am dedicated to forging ahead, making more connections, collaborating more with my colleagues, and returning to my original goal of “play”–this is key.  I plan on continuing this blog on my own, outside the Web 2.0 course, plunging into my journey of getting connected, sharing, creating, communicating, collaborating, and constructing knowledge.  This is authentic learning, baby!

Ps.  A loud SHOUT OUT goes to Shelley Paul, tech wizard and course instructor extraordinaire.  Without Shelley’s true passion for life-long learning and harnessing the magic of technology integration, all of this new learning would have never been possible.

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